For New Believers

Peter exhorts new believers, “Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good” (1 Peter 2:2). Growth in Christ necessitates good, spiritual milk. I have found these books to have it in plentiful supply.

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A Good Study Bible. New believers need to make sure the Good Book is the first book they are partaking in every day. Never let good books keep you from the Good Book. Grab yourself a good study Bible (I love the NIV Life Application Bible and the ESV Study Bible) and read daily.

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Christianity Explored | Rico Tice (Easy). Short, simple, with down to earth language and style. I have a stack of these in my office ready to give out to new and non-believers alike. You can see their very good website here.

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Basic Christianity | John Stott (Easy). Stott lays out the good news clearly by getting into the person of Jesus Christ, the need of Mankind for salvation, the work of Christ on the cross, and the necessary response of Man to receive salvation. Fantastic for new believers and non-believers alike.

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The Discipline of Grace | Jerry Bridges (Easy to Medium). Buy this now. A gospel feast that drips with wisdom on every page. This is a book that is immensely helpful in showing how God’s grace in Jesus is the thing that must fuel everything in the Christian’s life.

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Spiritual Disciplines for the Church | Donald Whitney (Easy to Medium). In such an individualistically oriented culture as ours, this book comes as a kiss on the lips and needed smack on the face. Do you have trouble seeing your place in the church or the church’s place in your life? Take up and read.

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Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life | Donald Whitney (Easy to Medium). Want to grow in your Christian life? This one focuses on how various activities individual Christians can do in order to grow in the likeness of Christ. Whitney is a boss.

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Living the Cross Centered Life | C.J. Mahaney (Easy). I love this book. Short, simple, practical, and very powerful. Mahaney does a great job showing the necessity and centrality of the cross in the Christian’s life and gives great counsel on how to keep it where it needs to be – right in the center.

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A Gospel Primer | Milton Vincent (Very Easy). This is an odd little book. It more like a series of (fantastic) meditations on the various aspects of the gospel. Odd as it is, it is immensely helpful in equipping you to preach the gospel to yourself everyday.

Book Line

God’s Big Picture | Vaughn Roberts (Easy to Medium). A great book for learning the big picture story of the Bible and how to read it most profitably. If you want to get help in understanding the Bible, get it.

Book Line

Reading Through the Bible With the Jesus Lens | Michael Williams (Easy). This book gives great overview of every book in the Bible (all 66 of them) and shows how each book prepares for or points to Jesus. A great resource to have and read before you embark on any book in the Bible.


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