Your Sermon

audienceVance Havner:

My father, a faithful layman who loved preaching and preachers, used to tell us once in a while, with a smile: “Some day I am going to prepare a big sermon and preach it.” I think he really meant it for I found sermon notes, beginnings of outlines which never were completed. Whether the task was too great or whether he was smitten with timidity, I do not know, but for some reason the sermon never materialized.

Some months after he passed away, I was preaching in my old home church in the country. One night I asked Christians to stand and tell who had led them to Christ. I did not know what I was getting into: so many arose and said, “It was your father who brought me to Jesus” that I felt embarrassed lest the people think I had planned it merely to honor my father. They told of how along the country ways, in their homes, in the little church, he had dealt with them for the Lord.

And then I knew: Father had preached his big sermon after all.

(Taken from The Best of Vance Havner, p. 28).

Your life is your greatest sermon to the world. As Havner said, “Don’t forget that your life is preaching the ‘Gospel According to You.'”

Preach away.


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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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