The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

Note. This edition of Saturday Post(s) has a bit more links to articles relating to the same-sex controversies. This is because they are particularly relevant and timely.

Applying Biblical Logic to the Bake a Cake Controversy. If you read only one post here, make it this one & the articles it links to. There are a number of thoughtful responses to the controversy over whether the state should coerce Christians (and other people of faith) to participate in the celebrate of a gay “marriage.” But I want to draw your attention in particular to two important articles by Joe Carter.”

The Son of Man Movie May Show Crucifixion, But It Won’t Show the Cross. Worth some reflection. “A film cannot adequately capture the reality of what transpired between the Father and the Son while the Son hung upon the cross.”

What You Have to Do Before You Can Agree or Disagree With Someone. Teh result. “When you find the rare person who shows that he understands what you are saying as well as you do, then you can delight in his agreement or be seriously disturbed by his dissent.”

Pursuing Your Wife (Or Future Wife).  If you are a man and have (or want) a wife. Read this. Now. “Scripture is pretty clear on how men should love their wives—like Jesus loved and served the Church (Eph. 5:24).  Christ, in his pursuit of us, gave his life for us.  Jesus sets the stage from the beginning concerning what this pursuit should look like, so why do we have so many dudes in our churches that are failing in this endeavor?”

Discipling Your Kids Is More Than Family Devotions.  We need to remember that disciping our children needs to encompass all our lives and not just the churchy times.

What Would Jesus Bake? DeYoung offers some Biblical thinking about the various law proposals to force Christian business owners to provide their services for same sex marriages. Really good stuff.

3 Questions to Ask in Light of This Week’s Gay Marriage Controversy. Very good questions to get to the heart of the issue of the matter.

Does This Look Like Discrimination to You? A powerful and needed point. “This Jim Crow narrative has really taken hold in recent weeks, but I want to invite you readers to consider whether it really is a good analogy. In the Jim Crow South, white business owners regularly refused service to black people because of their skin color. Are these Christian business owners try to do the same?” For a helpful supplement to this, read this article entitled, Gay is Not the New Black. 

I Went to Seminary…In Prison.

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