The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

Dear Atheists, You’re Not Allowed to Use Our Logic. A former atheist shows the silliness of his former atheism. “When I used to argue against the existence of God, I employed Laws of Logic my atheistic worldview could not provide. I had to borrow these concepts from the very worldview I was trying to defeat.”

How Getting Braces is Different Than a Sex Change. “We alter nature when we comb our hair, brush our teeth, take a bath, get braces for our teeth, or get a haircut. Now…why are all these things lawful, and a sex change operation is not lawful?”

I Wrote This Post on Church Time. If you want to know the internal struggles of your pastor, read this. “The reality for most pastors is that there is no such thing as ‘church time.’ It’s all church time.”

Is ‘Is Heaven for Real’ for Real? Pastor John MacArthur shares his thoughts on this very popular book and soon-to-be movie. Also, John Piper spoke to the book as well here. Since I am feeling extra generous, here is Randy Alcorn on the subject as well.

Will God Harden the Heart of Believers? Thoughtful, short, and clear answer to the question(s), “What does it mean that God hardens human hearts? And will he do that to a believer?”

Was God in the Tomb of Jesus? This gets a bit ‘higher shelf’ theologically, but nonetheless, it will be worth your time to read. I think this is also a good example of Christians graciously sharpening each other over the interweb.

How a “Too Friendly” Jesus Leads to Universalism. “We should be careful about claiming that the unrepentant can have unconditional fellowship with non-judgmental Jesus: some people might start to believe it’s a universal truth without an expiration date.”

Captain Context to the Rescue. Adam4d brings another comic strip gem.

Coffee With Facepalm Jesus Calling. Some good thoughts about Facepalm Jesus, Coffee with Jesus, The Jesus Show on the radio, and the Jesus Calling books.

My Baby Will Have Down Syndrome…One expecting mother writes, “I’m scared. What kind of life will my child have?” Watch the answer below. Have tissues ready.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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