The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

For Laughs. Let the Lolz begin. “We’ve all had things happen to us that we ‘wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy.’ So then the question remains, what would we wish on our worst enemy?”

Do You Have a Complaint Against Someone? A very important piece for anyone who has been hurt by someone else. Mark offers four ways that God us how to forgive those who really hurt us.

When Venice Freezes. Some amazing photos for the travel junkies out there.

Decide Here and Now. I took a group of ten to fifteen boys and girls on a Sunday morning, not to a church, but to the zoo. Before the cage of lions I told them, ‘Your forefathers in faith were thrown before such wild beasts for their faith. Know that you also will have to suffer. You will not be thrown before lions, but you will have to do with men who would be much worse than lions. Decide here and now if you wish to pledge allegiance to Christ.'”

Is Online Church Really Church? Five great questions that provide good food for thought for Interwebbys.

Understanding the Times & Knowing What the Church Should Do. In light of the recent church scandals popping up around the nation, this piece provides some important reflections/counsel.

Why the Church Needs Philosophers. As we navigate an increasingly pragmatic university setting and the suspicious gaze of the church, it is easy to feel—like a severed hand—a bit homeless. But before you pass the hemlock, I plead my case: the church needs philosophers and philosophers need the church.”

10 Key Events in American Christianity in the Past 100 Years. Great article for those who’d like to get a grasp as to how Christianity in America got where it is today.

Why I Am A Christian. This is a longer article, but worth your time to see one apologist work his way through his basic apologetic method and reasons for faith.

Things Disney Characters Do That’d Be Creepy in Real Life. This one is for the Keehns. I couldn’t figure out some of the allusions, but it was still good.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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