The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

Give Them Bread. What if obeying Jesus greatly hurts our relationships with those we love? “Pledging our hearts to heaven, we will not look back to Egypt or Sodom, trusting that true mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters are those who follow Jesus and that obeying God is worth any cost, including hurting the feelings of those we love. What I mean is, when our children ask for stones, let’s defy them and give them bread instead.”

The Four Principles of Prayer from Augustine. I’ll just say this: when a guy as massively influential as St. Augustine talks about prayer, listen up.

How to Share Your Faith At Work. There is some solid gold counsel in here. “How can we faithfully share the gospel with people at work? Here are five suggestions.”

What the Cross Says. “To whom does the invitation of this cross come?  It comes to the failures, the people who know they have gone wrong, the people who are filled with a sense of shame, the people who are weary and tired and forlorn in the struggle. . . .”

Great Books for the Graduate In Your Life. A very good boo recommendation for those graduating high school or college.

The Rebel & the King. A very instructive and helpful analogy about our sin and God’s jaw-dropping grace. “Consider the man born into a family of terrorists. The man’s father had rebelled against the King of the kingdom in which he lived, and – having so rebelled – all his posterity were brought up to hate and fight the King who ruled in this kingdom. It is to this family that the man belongs…”

How Do You Teach a Child What a Pastor Is? This is cute and helpful. “How do you teach a group of 4-6 year old kids what a pastor is and does?”

What If Your Child Is Gay? “You will, without a doubt, have someone close to you in your family come out as gay or lesbian, if not already, then sometime in the future. How should a Christian parent or grandparent respond?”

Bottle Cap Insanity. This guy is deadly with a bottle cap.

About Dana Dill

I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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