The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post


7 Signs We May Be Worshipping Our Families. “The following are possible signs that we have begun worshipping the family rather than encouraging our family to be worshippers:”

5 Reasons Why Getting Married Young is a Good Thing. 5 reasons why the people who say getting married young is stupid are wrong.

Ann Coulter & Our Mission. Ann Coulter has recently said some really dumb stuff. Russell Moore helps us see why its dumb and dangerous.

Did Jesus Go to Hell After He Died? Making sense of an odd phrase from an old creed.

Essentialism. This is a gem for those who desire to live more productive lives.

Will God Protect My Children? Some great thoughts about a very important question.

Four Moments I Am Preparing My Students to Face. Whether you are a youth pastor or parent, read this.

To Those of You Who Don’t Like to Sing in Church. “If all the universe sings loudly and passionately to God, maybe the problem is with us. When we don’t feel like singing, the problem isn’t a singing problem, but a seeing problem. “

About Dana Dill

I am a happy slave to Jesus, thankful husband to Chawna, delighted daddy to Daisy Jane, Penny Lane, and Lottie Jo. I teach at Capo Valley Christian School & Biola University. I'm here on assignment (Acts 20:24).
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