The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

No, You Are Not Running Late. You Are Rude & Inconsiderate. Some great thoughts relating to those who are constantly late to things and those who are constantly judging them for it.

Asking Forgiveness from a Prostitute. “It seems obvious, but I have never suggested it: if a man has been with a prostitute, it is right for him to ask her forgiveness. Consider this story.”

How-To on Family Devotions. There is some solid gold stuff in this. If you want to start family devotions, but are having a hard time, let this bless you in your endeavor.

Top 40 Books Every Christian Should Read. I am always up for a good reading list. Stephen Altrogge provides 40 great reads here.

How to Cultivate a Better Movie Watching Discernment. “Christians watching movies” should encompass more than just checking a website to see how many cigarettes are smoked (exactly two in “Snowpiercer”), how many f-bombs are dropped (a few), and how many breasts appear (zero).”

The Habit That Changed My Life. “Early in my Christian life my mother heard a teaching on giving thanks for everything. I was 23, out of work, and had recently moved back home. I was depressed and not very hopeful about my life.”

Are You Mom Enough? Desiring God has just published what seems to be a great book for mommies. The online versions are free for the taking.

Love When’s… Seven times when God’s love shows up.

Dear Mr. Anxious Christian. A letter to the anxious one.

Help! There Are Pagans in My Youth Group! Some thoughts on what not to do when you realize there are pagans in your child’s youth group. ” While I can understand and respect the responsibility to protect our children from bad influences, bullying, or the making of corrupt friendships, I can’t support the abandonment of a church youth ministry.  So, let me offer some random thoughts on this point of disagreement…”

Ferguson Posts. I thought these three posts (from Anyabwile, from Baucham, from Phillips) about the Ferguson events are well worth reading. Two of them disagree with one another, but offer good food for thought nonetheless.

Evidence of My Sister’s Death vs. Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection. Christian Apologist Michael Patton analyzes the evidence for his sister’s death and the evidence given for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His conclusion: “While I think that the evidence here is substantial for us to believe that my sister died, I think that it is even more substantial for a belief in the resurrection of Christ.”

Horus Get the OT Law Explained to Him.. This is both very informative and very funny. Well done, Lutheran Satire.

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