The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

How Do You Sleep? A very good piece on the importance of and lessons within our sleep. There are tons of great Spurgeon quotes, of which this is my favorite: ““He rocks the cradle for us every night; he draws the curtain of darkness; he bids the sun shut up his burning eyes; and then he comes and says, ‘Sleep, sleep, my child; I give thee sleep.’”

When Your Wife Struggles to Follow You. “Here are seven questions a husband could ask himself if his wife struggles to follow him…”

A Confession Based on the Ten Commandments. This is a very short and very good tool to both introduce the Ten Commandments and learn how to use them in prayer.

Who Was St. Nicholas? If you didn’t know, he was a real guy. Also, if you didn’t know, he one time slapped a dude for spreading lies about Jesus.

Confessions of a Hardcore Homeschooler. Some thoughtful reflection on how to school your kids. “Insisting on a particular education method is harmful to the church and runs contrary to God’s word. When we insist on a certain practice, we create an “in” crowd and an “out” crowd, with those who are in being more “spiritual” than those who are out. When we take principles and turn them into hard and fast practices, we make the commands of Jesus burdensome.”

The Best Gift for Christmas Haters. “I’m not going to launch a crusade to promote the observance of Christmas with all its tiresome trappings and requisite redundancies; what I am going to do is call for some reasonableness by those believers who vociferously object to their brothers and sisters in Christ enjoying seasonal festivities.”

5 of the Most Disturbing Things About a Benny Hinn Miracle Service. “There are a lot of things you should try at least once in your life — skydiving, eating some exotic delicacy, traveling alone. Let me give you one thing not to add to that list: attending a Benny Hinn Holy Spirit Miracle Service.”

What Happens to Your Body When You Cleanse or Detox? The conclusion (which needs to be re-taught every few years or so): “Health and nutrition might seem like a confusing mess, but a healthy diet is really all you need. Not a gimmick, not a week long cleanse, not a detox. You’ll need a full reboot of your diet.”

Family News Clips. A collection of very good and relevant articles concerning the family.

Self-Incrimination. I can’t help but feel this is what many will be like before Jesus on that Day: completely self-incriminating.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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