The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday PostDoes Mathematics Point to God? William Lane Craig interacts with atheist/agnostic philosopher Daniel Came on whether the remarkable ability of maths to describe the universe we live in is evidence for a transcendent designer. Also, check out Albert Mohler’s discussion with Chris Date about whether or not hell is eternal.

The Copies of the Bible Don’t Always Match Up, Here is Why That Isn’t a Problem. A short response to an often issued objection against the truthfulness and accuracy of the Bible. Also, make sure to check out why the Bible’s transmission is not like a game of telephone.

15 Ways to Read More in 2015. If you hope to read more, this should help.

On the Shoulders of Giants. “Today I wanted to gather a bunch of quotes that I’ve come across lately…It’s by reading the thoughts of spiritual giants like these — by standing on their shoulders — that I am helped along in my worship of Christ. And so I wanted to share some of them with you. Read them slowly. Take them in. I hope it makes for an encouraging Friday.” If you need some motivation to dig into good books, don’t miss this dynamite list of quotes from brothers in the past.

The Smartest Thing I Ever Said to My Wife. One wife recalls to her daughters, “I would get very heated at times and raise my voice. I had done that in my family since I was a child. I had to be right. And I would keep arguing and arguing to prove my point. But in our arguments your dad would often state his side, then he’d add…”

In Search of Biblical Friendship. Cruciform Press puts out a lot of very good and very short books on very relevant subjects. This one on friendship seems to continue in that practice. “If friendship seems harder to you than you think it should be, Jonathan Holmes offers valuable help. His book will make you think about friendship in ways you may not have considered before. This is an encouraging, practical, helpful treatment of an important subject, and should bear much fruit in its readers and in the church.”

Why You Should Have Older & Younger Friends. Do you have a friend over 60 or one at least 20 years younger than you? Here are some reasons why you should.

Faithful With Fifteen. For those who are planning to dig deeply into God’s Word this year. “We’ve all heard that small investments add up to big gains. Well, just 15 minutes a day spent in the Word will add up to these staggering figures…”

Would You Skip Church for Football? A good question, huh?

Pen & Parchments Top 25 Articles from 2014. My challenge: read the list and try not to read at least one of them.

Make Your Spray Bottle Always Spray. “With about 2 minutes of effort and less than a dollar spent at the hardware store, you can adapt a spray bottle to function at any angle.”

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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