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Saturday Post

God Doesn’t Want Matt Chandler (Or Any Other Celebrity Preacher/Pastor) to Be Your Pastor. Without demeaning the blessing of gifted pastors/preachers, Stephen Altrogge reminds us that, ” God doesn’t want Matt Chandler to be your pastor (unless you happen to be in his church). God has placed your pastor in your church to care specifically for you. When your pastor is preparing his sermon, he’s preparing it for you, and God is specifically empowering him to prepare a sermon for you.”

Dear Rob Bell… Rob Bell recently said the church is “moments away” from affirming gay marriage. Owen Strachan responds: “Rob, you’re a gifted communicator. You drew many folks to your church in Michigan, and now you have a show on Oprah’s network. It’s clear that you’re charismatic, funny, and adept at making complex realities simple to understand. But—excuse my own attempt at brevity—you’re dead wrong on the church and gay marriage.”

4 Traits of Legalism. A good list for self-reflection.

The Birthcontrol Pill is Potentially Abortifacient. Should Pro-life advocates use the Pill? In answering that question, Denny Burk offers some needed food for thought. “One of the most commonly used methods of contraception—one that is routinely used by many pro-life evangelicals—is at least potentially abortifacient.”

The Bible & Barren Women. A good word to the infertile sisters among us. “In all of your pain and sorrow you desperately want God to hear your prayer and comfort you in this dark season. Baby showers, baby dedications, and even a stroll through Target can be a stark reminder that there is a deep longing in your soul for a baby you long to hold, either in heaven or yet to be formed. And when you cry out to the Lord it seems like he isn’t there either. I assure you, He is. Behind the dark clouds and frowning providence of this season is a God who cares about every detail of your grief.”

Why Can’t the Church Agree to Disagree on Homosexuality? “We cannot count same-sex behavior as an indifferent mat­ter. Of course, homosexuality isn’t the only sin in the world, nor is it the most critical one to address in many church con­texts. But if 1 Corinthians 6 is right, it’s not an overstatement to say that approving same-sex sexual behavior—like sup­porting any form of sexual immorality—runs the risk of leading people to hell.”

Does Your Schedule Know You’re a Christian Dad? Our kids,  “quickly discern what we love and what we want them to love based on how we live out our schedules. Children can benefit greatly from hearing Sunday School lessons and sermons from teachers and preachers who love the gospel. But they are also watching to see if you love the gospel and if you want them to love it.”

5 Things You Can’t Blame the Church For. “Doubtless people have been hurt in the church and hurt by the church, and for that I feel terrible. But it’s one thing to have a bad experience or a series of bad experiences. It’s another to hang on to them for far longer than you should, especially when you have a role in them that you refuse to see.”

Recapping the Inerrancy Summit. A great review on what seemed to be an immensely important conference. Sermon summaries, videos, and audios are all linked here.

5 Reasons Your Marriage Matters. ” I just have a simple point to make: your marriage matters. Matters to whom? Well…”

Rebellion LOLs. This is a hilarious compilation of pictures that  humorously (albeit unintentionally) apply the truth of Romans 5:20.

You Can’t Arrest the Gospel. “Christians are not a dour people, even in the darkness of a dungeon. We don’t whine and bellyache as our society lines up against us and our convictions. We plead. We grieve. But beneath it all we have untouchable strongholds of joy. Even in the worst, most inconvenient, most lonely days, we rejoice.”

What If You Saw This?. Terrifying

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