Transgenderism in the Locker Room

nir152iNever underestimate the level of insanity Mankind is able to reach.

Denny Burk reports:

Yvette Cormier was in the dressing room at her exercise club “Planet Fitness” last month when she saw a man enter the women’s locker room. Cormier was unsettled about this, so she immediately informed management. After hearing her concerns, Planet Fitness explained that the man is transgender and identifies as a woman. They told her that Planet Fitness allows any man who sincerely self-identifies as a woman to make use of the women’s locker room.

This response did little to settle Cormier’s concerns, which she began to share with other members of the club. So Planet Fitness took decisive action. They kicked Cormier out of the club. They revoked her membership saying that she violated Planet Fitness’s “no-judgment zone” policy. (Read the whole post here.)

When you lose sight of the Creator, you will have no idea how to relate to creation.

One note, don’t let this post simply throw you into a rant of anger, shaking your head at the lunacy of our culture. But have it spur you on to know God’s Word and to be able to articulate it to our culture which so desperately needs it. Our world needs Christians who know what they believe, why they believe, and how to communicate it with courage and love.


About Dana Dill

I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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