What If I Have Failed Sexually?

shame-on-youOften times, as Christians look forward to marriage, they ask, “What if I have failed sexually?” There have been lots of bad answers to that question. Some say, “Don’t worry about it! No shame! It’s not a big deal.” Others answer to the contrary, “That is terrible! You are shameful and will never enjoy marriage as God desires.”

Which answer is right? Neither. One diminishes the seriousness of sexual sin while the other completely ignores the power and glory of the sin-cleansing gospel.

In our quest for the answer, I think Richard Phillips gives us what we are looking for.

Here is the dark side, I think, of the chastity industry: it creates the sense that anyone who has failed sexually is broken and unclean.  But this is a repudiation of the gospel.  Would it be better if he or she had waited until marriage for sex?  Of course it would, and we should not downplay the value of sexual purity for singles and youths.  But we do believe in forgiveness, redemption, and restoration. Don’t we? It is one thing if the person is still practicing sexual sin and folly.  But if the person is genuinely repentant and committed to honor the Lord with his or her body, then we rejoice in the redeeming grace of our Savior.

Sexual sin is serious, but the power of Christ’s blood is far stronger. He has come not only to forgive, but to cleanse the deepest stains of our souls. He has come to make us new. May we take sin seriously so we may run to and rejoice in the sin-cleansing gospel all the more.

Read the article from which this quote came here.

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