The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

Our Society Should Not Stifle Religious Dissent. “Untouchable orthodoxies that are given official government sanction will treat any dissenting voice as an enemy to be vanquished. Secular progressivism isn’t only the enemy of religious liberty and civil society; it is the enemy of reason itself.”

The Perfect Spouse Will Not Complete You. “There is no perfect person on this earth waiting for you. Find me a potential spouse, and I’ll show you a sinner — because we are all sinners. And there is no matching or mixing of sins that leads to perfect blessedness, because that’s not what sin does. Sin is selfish, deceitful, and power-hungry. Marriages require us to be sacrificing, honest, and willing to serve. Your spouse may complement you, but he (or she) will never complete you. That’s the job of Christ.”

Should Your Church Build a Bigger Building. Our church is just about to begin building some new facilities on our campus and I thought this piece was pretty darn relevant. Good thoughts for all.

Trump is Not on the Side of Social Conservatives. Some commentary from Morning Joe nails it here. “It really speaks to Donald Trump’s worldview that he hasn’t really shown during the primary campaign… Social conservatives, if Trump is elected, duck because he’s not on your side on these issues… He does not care. He has a more open view, and certainly he’s more in line at least with millennial voters and with an awful lot of voters…”

Honest Parenting Haikus. Some funny to be had here. An example: “So many questions / You are a curious kid / That’s great. Go ask mom.”

Are You Ready for What’s Waiting for You at College? Stand to Reason has some great resources designed to help kids prepare for an inevitably hostile college culture.

7 Ways to Deal With Doubt. Michael Patton, someone who has long struggle through and with doubt, offers just that.

14 Tools to Avoid Distraction. Eat it up.

This is What You Deserve. Reaping what she sowed.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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