The Saturday Morning Post(s)

newspaper-deal1I have always enjoyed the common blogger’s practice of sharing articles and posts they found interesting, so I thought I would join in on the fun here at A Pilgrim’s Friend. Each Saturday I intend to share various articles/posts I found particularly thought provoking, helpful, interesting, or even amusing. My hope is to supply you with some good reading for your weekend and your soul.

So here goes the first official Saturday Post!

FAT Men Wanted. “The pastor is to select some—and only some—of the men in his care to receive special attention and training because these are the men to whom he will entrust the gospel and the future of the Christian faith…The pastor must focus his attention on those men who are FAT.”

Don’t Treat My Wife Like That. An unfortunate encounter with a retail clerk makes for some poignant theological reflection on the love of Christ for His Bride. “If I was outraged when someone shoved my wife, imagine Jesus’ outrage toward those who abuse his bride.”

How to Have an Abortion. A “startling, poignant, and moving” poem that gives instructions on how to have an abortion.

The Bible is Offensive. The Duck Dynasty controversy helps the Church remember something we may have forgotten. “Maybe we in the West were so steeped in Christianity for so long that its words ceased to be shocking and became merely familiar words. However it happened, somewhere along the way we forgot something very important: the Bible is offensive.”

Would Jesus Approve of “Jesus Calling”? A thoughtful review by Kathy Keller on the very popular devotional book titled Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I thought the main point was well taken and worth thinking about. Tim Challies also reviewed the book here.

On Hell. Some very good resources to help you think well of Hell. “We must not be embarrassed by the bible’s teaching on the final judgment and Hell. Nor should we be dismayed. God’s wrath is a proper expression of his justice and holiness, attributes for which we worship Him.”

The Files. A great film version of Joshua Harris’s The Room.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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