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Saturday Post

The Rise of Same Sex Marriage Dissidents. A very powerful article on the totalitarian-like nature of our culture’s sexual ideology. “Did we mindlessly put up red equal signs when we hadn’t even thought about what marriage is? Did we rush to fit in by telling others we supported same-sex marriage? Did we even go so far as to characterize as “bigots” or as “Hitlers” those who held views about the importance of natural marriage?”

Are We Really Held Guilt for Adam’s Sin? This is a long post, but WELL worth your time. Take the time to read it and let it sink in.

Every Christian’s Second Most Important Book. This is so good and so very needed. Bet you didn’t see this one coming.

Christianity is the Most Falsifiable Religion Around. Read this and find out why that’s a good thing.

Jesus Is Not Ashamed of You. Sam Storms brings some good news. “If you still think Jesus is ashamed of you because of how you look or how you talk or because you continue to fail or because you can’t hold down a job or pay your bills, if you think Jesus is ashamed and embarrassed because of the silly things you say or because you think you’ve never accomplished much of value, think again.”

Please Don’t Make My Funeral About Me.  “What you must not do at my funeral is make it all about me. What I want most is that “Christ will be honored in [my] body, whether in life or in death” (Phil.1:20). Those gathered that day have no need for a sanitized, idealized rendition of who I was or what I accomplished. On that day, in fact on every day until that day, “he must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30).”

Another Take on Heaven is For Real. Since the book was huge, I assume the movie will be too. Here is one pastor’s thoughts about it. Your thoughts? Also, check out Randy Alcorn’s (he wrote a very good book on Heaven so I’d listen up) review of the movie here.

Help! My Kids Are Looking at Porn! Tim offers some great counsel to parents who find out their kids are looking at porn. Make sure to also check out his very thoughtful Porn-Free Family Plan. Even if you don’t adopt all of it, it will give you good things to think through.

This is Amazing…

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