The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

Jesus, You Are Enough. Great article with a great challenge. “I’m challenged myself as I gaze around my room at the heaps of stuff – some of it useful, some of it decorative, some of it of sentimental value, some of it literally just stuff – with which I surround myself. If it were all stripped away, would Jesus be enough?”

Copernicus & the Scientific Revolution. Some evidence against the claim that Christianity is a hindrance to scientific progress. “More than 60 percent of those who jumpstarted the scientific revolution were religiously ‘devout.’ Clearly, holding a Christian worldview posed no barrier to doing excellent scientific work, and even seems to have provided a positive inspiration.”

7 Lessons from Failure. Although we avoid failure, there’s much to learn from it.

A Small God & a Big Storm. “How many times have I read or watched a news report about the devastation, caused by a tornado in some part of the country? Dozens maybe. I might have paused for a while, to think about the unimaginable power of the violent winds, or pondered what it would be like to lose everything I own in a storm…This time it was different. This time a friend of mine–and two of his children–died.”

Satan Cast Out. A very interesting book review on what seems to be a very good book on demonology. “Frederick Leahy’s Satan Cast Out began as a project, an assignment. Back in the 1970s the Foreign Mission Board of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland asked Leahy to make a special study of demonology. They did this in response to phenomena that missionaries had been observing on the mission field. To that point very little had been written on the subject and it was discussed in only a passing way in seminaries…While his study is now nearly 40 years old, it remains in print and remains a powerful read.”

Love Was the Cause, Not the Consequence of the Cross. This is essential in understanding the cross of Christ. “The cross didn’t transform the Father into love, as if before the cross he was altogether and only angry and mean. The cross was itself the expression of God’s love! The cross of Christ came to pass because God already is love; not so that he might become love.

5 Reasons Why That Guy Didn’t Go to Heaven. Some helpful thoughts in here. “A little while ago, I got an e-mail from a pastor friend who was picking my brain about the whole “I went to Heaven” book industry since one of the largest and most successful fleece-job books is now becoming a movie…Here’s what I said to him…”

Calvin & Hobbes & the Gospel. A very important lesson taken from the comic of Calvin & Hobbes. It takes a bit to get to the point, but it’s well worth it. “Communicators need to understand their message well enough, organically enough, to pick an appropriate medium for getting it across.”

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