The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

Use Your Knowledge to Serve Others, Not Judge Them. For someone who is working through his Masters of Divinity, this was a refreshing piece. “Your gift of theological and apologetic aptitude and knowledge is not the only important gift…It’s given to you so you can get down in the trenches below the people you’re trying to help and lift them up, not so you can look down on them from above.”

5 Ways to Be a Better Atheist. Michael Patton is a Christian who wants to help his atheist friends not embarrass themselves, so he offers some help. “I want every worldview to have good representation. It does me no good in my pursuit of truth to have my worldview challenged by an impotent and weakly opponent. Modern atheism can improve in five key areas which I’ll lay out in detail below.”

Salvation is Ultimately About God. Good and short. “Salvation is for us, of course — God doesn’t need it — but it’s not mainly about us. It is mainly about God. How so?”

7 Marks of Good Accountability Relationships. Holding someone accountable for something is great on paper, but a lot more difficult to work out practically. Here is some helpful counsel to make our accountability relationships better.

Depression. With the sad event of Robin Williams suicide there has been a lot of talk about depression. I thought Jared Wilson’s piece and Kevin DeYoung’s short historical piece were particularly helpful. Also, here is a list of helpful resources on depression.

The Gospel According to Cats & Dogs. Simple, fun, and helpful.

What Does Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain Mean? Patton does a good job working through a greatly misunderstood commandment. It is much more serious than a curse word.

10 Myths About Lust. This is solid gold.

Karate Lessons. Get ready to laugh.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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