The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

A Prayer for Those Who Often Fail in Praying. This is a great prayer, “about praying—seeking God’s forgiveness for praying poorly, and seeking God’s help to pray more powerfully and skillfully.”

When Christians Know They Can Join With Roman Catholicism. “Several changes must occur before Roman Catholicism, by the book, can be considered biblical Christianity. And the men and women of the Reformation understood this, hence their necessary break with Rome. In their case…joining Christ necessitates breaking with Rome and coming under Christ means coming out from under Rome. Christians will know that it is time to join hands with Rome when it does the following…”

Why Won’t Gay Theologians Debate? A good post where one Christian apologist explores the question, “Why are gay theologians and their allies so unwilling to debate the relevant issues, especially when they are so aggressive in arguing against our position?”

Preparing for Sunday. “We believe our engagement in corporate worship is essential, so we should also expect to prepare even as we expect the pastor and musicians to prepare for their participation in the Sunday morning service. How can you prepare for worship? Here are a few ideas…”

The Most Neglected Part of Most Pastors’ Job DescriptionsHere is the answer: “I’ve come to believe that the most neglected aspect of a pastor’s job description is the command for pastors to disciple older women in their congregations.” Read the rest for his insight and explanation.

22 Examples of Uselessness. This is guaranteed laughs.

3 Ways to Honor the Reformers. Reformation Day was yesterday. In honor, here are three ways we can continue to honor the bold and brave reformers.

The Hardest Text to Preach. John MacArthur, HB Charles, and Al Mohler were asked what the hardest passage of scripture is that they have ever preached. Here is what they said…

Prepare Him Room. Family devotions designed for the Christmas season.

The Gospel for Little Ones. A great little video designed to help the little ones understand the bigness of the gospel. parents, check it out and maybe consider watching/discussing it with your little ones.

The Bump Front Flip. Wow.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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