The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday PostSports on Sundays. “I became a Christian at University. Giving up soccer on Sundays was something that had to happen so that my love for and commitment to the Lord was not divided on his Day. That meant also giving up a $30,000 a year soccer scholarship…Now that I’m older, and have four children, who all love sports, I am constantly faced with the issue of organized sports on Sundays.”

This Man Saved 2 Billion Babies With His Blood. “78-year-old James Harrison, an Australian man…has saved the lives of two billion babies, just by donating his blood every week.”

Now, here are three articles on transgenderism. Why so many? Well, two reasons. One, it’s all over the news and on people’s minds. Two, it has tremendously important implications we all need to think lovingly and seriously about.

Call Me Rosa Parks. Our culture faces a double-standard problem of accepting transgenderism while opposing transracialism. A man can become a woman, but apparently, a white women cannot become a black one. “Dolezal was not born black, yet she wishes now to identify with the black community. She is, after all, the head of the NAACP in Spokane. Whatever her reasons for doing so, she has adopted a social identity that conflicts with her biological identity. And everyone agrees that doing such a thing is a farcical and potentially deceptive.”

We Long to Belong. Another piece on the same subject, but with a different angle. “Sexuality has become a fluid concept in our age, and now gender is taking center stage. As we march across that scantron, though, ethnicity seems to be a more difficult frontier…We are told, on the one hand, that we must tolerate Jenner’s choice to live as a woman, and, on the other, that we cannot tolerate Rachel Dolezal’s decision to live as a black American.”

Transgender Politics vs. the Facts of Life. “The worldview implicit in the transgender movement is that our physical bodies have no particular value – that our biology is irrelevant to who we are as persons….”

Courage is Unanswerable. Short and amazing.

Are Christians the Arrogant Ones? “When religious matters are debated in our culture–e.g., the existence of God, what God is like, morals and ethics–there is an implicit set of rules that everyone is obligated to follow.  Number one on this list of unspoken rules it that you can never claim to know anything about God with any level of certainty.”

The Selfie Generation. “Christians are called to live wisely (Ephesians 5:15). We are those who do give things “a second thought.” So does the Bible say anything to help us in the midst of the selfie generation?”

When You Step in Dog Poop. This little boy expresses out loud what we all feel when we step in dog poop and it’s hilarious.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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