The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday PostTake a Test on the Trinity. How well do you understand the doctrine that lies at the heart of the Christian faith? This test can help you know where you’re at in your knowledge of God and shows you where you could be.

God & Evil: Why the Ultimate Cause is Not the Chargeable Cause. An important piece exploring the relationship God has with the evil He ordains to take place. “How can God be the ultimate cause of whatsoever comes to pass—even actions and events that are evil and sinful, things which God Himself prescribes against—and yet not be rightly charged with unrighteousness?”

J.I. Packer Weighs in on Annihilationism.  An important theologian gives his thoughts on why the punishment of those in hell will be eternal.

Should a Church Discipline a Pro-Choice Member? “A pastor discovers that a member of his church is vocally pro-choice when it comes to abortion. What should the church do? Is there a biblical basis for disciplining such a member?”

5 Warning Signs for the Church in a Facebook Culture. “What effect does “social media” technology have on the way we view the church? On the way we conceive of life in Christ’s body?”

A Rant About Songs Written for the Church. A enjoy these every now and then.

Bible Art Journaling.  A great idea for Bible-loving artists out there on how to use “your creative talents to meditate on the scripture passages you’re studying.”

Can the Devil Read My Mind? R.C. Sproul gives a short and helpful answer.

Reignite Your Prayer Life. A helpful distillation of this fine book on prayer. “By this method, your prayers will be guided and shaped by Scripture, and be far more in conformity to the word and will of God than they will if you always make up your own prayers.”

The Kind of Dad I Hope to Be. Fun, creative, and insane.

About Dana Dill

I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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