Beware of Church Hoppers

Mez McConnellchurch-hopping-2, a church planting pastor in Scotland and founder of the church planting ministry 20Schemes, gives some good advice to pastors and church planters concerning a certain type of church folk called church hoppers:

These are the people that every church wishes didn’t exist and that every church planter should dread turning up. Church-hoppers are those who have been to every church on the block (often more than once) and never seem able to settle down. They often present as lovely people who are misunderstood and are the innocent victims of all the other horrible churches out there. Furthermore, they will always give compelling (and plausible) reasons for why things haven’t worked out at their previous churches (it was never their fault!)

We should be very wary of those who are quick to judge other local churches, not least because experience has taught me that if they turn up at your church slagging off the last church, it’s only a matter of time until they’re at the next church slagging off your church! Church-hoppers are dangerous because they do not understand commitment. If a friend of mine asked me for advice regarding their desire to start a relationship with a man who had never shown any commitment in previous relationships but who was known to have slept with every girl in the village, my advice would be the same as my advice to any church planter/leader wanting to welcome a serial church-hopper into their fellowship – DON’T DO IT!

To do so would be to arm a ticking time-bomb.

stop it picIf you are a church hopper, please stop and settle your family down somewhere for their good and for the good of the church. Your constant moving around confuses the churches you visit and hurts them when you leave. When I say hurts them, I really mean it. So, no more sleeping around. Commit, settle down, and love for the long haul. Oh, quit your hopping ways.

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2 Responses to Beware of Church Hoppers

  1. Jamie Carter says:

    I am a church-hopper who is comitted to following Christ not unlike how the Israelites followed the cloud / pillar of fire. If He says set up camp here, then I stay. If He says to break camp, then I prepare to follow Him wherever He leads, that’s the direction I go. I’ve seen pastors and deacons drunk on authority and power, heard about discipline going bad where victims were blamed and punished and abusers were protected from their due punishment, and worst of all teachings that corrupt the truth of the gospel by distorting its verses and changing the emphasis to a wrong idea. The churches might have been a good temporary shelter, but not a one of them was worthy enough to be a permanent home. So I’ll happily be a nomad who follows Jesus even if that means not dividing my loyalty to a fallen church.

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