The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday Post

How to Ensure Your Child Will End Up on the Bachelor. Looks like this is going to be a good series. “As I was watching the final episode. This thought came to me and I tweeted it ‘If any of my kids ever appear on the .The Bachelor’ then I will have failed as a parent.’”

Three Questions to Ask Before Listening to Any Sermon. A great way of analyzing your own beliefs and the beliefs that are offered you in any sermon.

What I’ve Learned from 20 Years of Ministry. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, shares some great insights from two decades of ministerial experience.

Worship Leaders Do Not Lead People Into God’s Presence. From the mouth of a worship leader himself. Good for all to know.

Hypocrites in the Church. R.C. Sproul brings a great reminder. “Admittedly, the church is full of sinners. In fact, I know of no other organization in the world that requires a person to be a sinner in order to join it.”

Where is Heaven? Randy Alcorn answers this question and tackles other  questions about Heaven in this interview.

Fast Food Conversations. A fantastic exhortation to have nourishing discussions rather than fast food discussions. “Our words are not neutral. They provide value and nourishment or, like fast food, they lead to decay. We all need to find our conversations transformed by a desire to build up and give nourishment to each other for the purpose of drawing one another to Christ.”

Will God Speak New Truth to Us Now That We Have the New Testament? Can someone say today, “God has spoken to me?” Dr. Michael Kruger draws from the New Testament teachings itself to answer the question. “ ‘God has spoken to me.’ There are few statements that will shut down debate more quickly than this one.  If Christians disagree over a doctrine, a practice, or an idea, then the trump card is always ‘God has spoken to me’ about that.  End of discussion.”

That’s Not a Log. The Biker is frustrated about logs being put on the bike path, but…

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