Why Do Christians Evangelize?

April 1954, London, England, UK — American evangelist Billy Graham preaches to a large crowd in London’s Trafalgar Square. April 1954. — Image by © CORBIS

Why do Christians want people to know about good news of Jesus? Many non-believers sometimes wonder, “Why do Christians want to tell people about Jesus so badly? Why don’t they just keep Jesus to themselves and leave the rest of us alone?” Not only that, but even some Christians sometimes get fuzzy as to the real motives one should have in evangelizing or sharing the message about Jesus with others.

Though there are many reasons why Christians evangelize, John Stott helpfully explains the ultimate reason why Christians tell non-believers the message about Jesus.

Why do we desire the spread of the gospel throughout the world?

Not out of a sinful imperialism or triumphalism, whether for ourselves or the church or even ‘Christianity’.

Nor just because evangelism is part of our Christian obedience (though it is).

Nor primarily to make other people happy (though it does).

But especially because the glory of God and of his Christ is at stake. God is King, has inaugurated his saving reign through Christ, and has a right to rule in the lives of his creatures. Our ambition, then, is to seek first his kingdom, to cherish the passionate desire that his name should receive from men the honour which is due to it. (Taken from The Message of the Sermon on the Mount)

Christians want Jesus Christ to be honored as He deserves, so they tell His message.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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