5 Signs of Spiritual Maturity

Spiritualk-Maturity-425x200What does it look like to be a mature Christian? To have graduated from the elementary school, middle school, high school, and college of the Christian life? What does it look like to be all grown up in your faith and love?

Of the many things one could point to, I appreciated Clint Archer’s list as a good start.

Mature believers possess these 5 indicators…

An Appetite for Meat. “It’s good to enjoy the milk of the gospel with every meal. But some Christians pride themselves on focusing only on the gospel, snubbing the offer of deeper doctrines. The love of doctrine may need to be acquired over time but it will always be there in a mature believer.”

An Imperviousness to Personal Offence. “Mature believers don’t take personal offence easily. They understand that when someone sins against them there are bigger issues at stake than their personal rights; e.g. God’s glory, the attacker’s relationship with God, etc.”

A Conscience Informed by Scripture, not Opinions. “When you are first saved it is natural to have a pendulum swing aversion to anything associated with your former way of life. That can be healthy. But as you mature you will settle into a more balanced view of liberty. If Jesus says something is ok then you won’t get upset when some Christians take him up on enjoying that freedom.”

A Sense of Humble Surprise when used by God in Ministry. “God uses sinners to do his work for a good reason: there is no one else from which to choose. Some sinners are used mightily. A mature believer will always feel humbled by his effectiveness in God’s ministry. Often though, the same privilege will inflate an immature believer’s ego.”

Tendency to give Credit for Spiritual Growth to God, not People. “Experienced race horse owners have respect for a good jockey, trainer, and veterinarian; but everyone understands the main factor in a win is the horse. We respect good preachers, writers, commentators, and spiritual mentors; but hopefully we recognize the real muscle behind any winning ministry they do.”

These were snippets from the piece, I encourage you to read the whole article here. Make sure to keep your eye on the blog Archer contributes to (The Cripplegate); it’s a goodie.


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  1. Chawna Dill says:

    Good one Bah! ❤

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