Listen to Your Kids Talk About Video Games (& Other Things You May Have No Interest In)

kids-playing-video-gamesWith our first baby about 2 weeks away from being born, I will make sure to store this counsel deep into my heart.

Melissa Edgington talks about the importance of listening to her son talk about his video games, even though she may have no interest in them whatsoever.

It’s imperative that I listen attentively when Sawyer talks to me about his video games.  Because right now he is entrusting me with something that matters to him and that he is passionate about.  And, if I act disinterested, if I tell him that it kind of bores me, if I ridicule him or make him feel like I don’t think this is important, then someday, when he might entrust me with bigger things, he will turn to someone else who has made him feel listened to…

When our children are little, these are the tough years.  And, these are the so, so easy years. Yes, it’s tough to be so needed and to be buried in little kid-ness from dawn until dusk.  But, these are the times of being faithful with few things.  These are the days of laying the groundwork, setting up a foundation, doing the tiny things that will set the tone for the big things that are coming down the pike.

These are the days of listening to our sons talk about video games and listening to our daughters argue the indignities of math homework.  If we are faithful in listening, really listening, then one day in the nearer-than-we-think future, they will be more likely to come to us to talk about their crises of faith.  To talk about the pressure to have sex.  To talk about the heartaches of growing up.  If we are faithful here, in the little years, in the small things, then we are more likely to be entrusted with the big stuff.

So, stay faithful, dear mothers, even when the subject matter is yawn-inducing. Even when you have a million other things you need to be doing. Just listen, and give your kids reason to believe that you can be trusted with the little things and the big things, just because you care.

Faithfully demonstrate and prove your love to your child in the early years and they will come to you in the later ones.

About Dana Dill

I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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