The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday PostGod is Bigger Than My Cancer. “As I prepared for chemotherapy, my wife smiled and handed me a handmade card, colored bright with crayons and signed by a fifteen-year-old girl with Down syndrome in our congregation. My tears flowed as I read the top: ‘Get well soon! Jesus loves you! God is bigger than cancer!’”

A Teachability Refresher. I so need this. “When we enter into God’s family by faith in the Person and finished work of Jesus Christ, we enter into a life of change. God loves his children so much that he will not leave us as we are. Shaping us into the image of Christ is his unfailable goal. Among other things, this necessitates that we maintain a teachable spirit until God takes us to heaven. The following is a brief refresher on why we need to maintain a humble, teachable demeanor…”

Are People in Heaven Aware of What’s Going on at Earth? Randy Alcorn, “One of the common questions about Heaven I’ve heard over the years is, ‘Do people in Heaven know what’s presently happening on earth?’”

The Desperate Need for Mature, Female Mentorship. “In the church, we have many ministries geared toward women. We have specific groups and studies for moms and seniors. We have Bible studies, teas, and retreats. While Scripture doesn’t give great details on the specifics of ministry toward and for women, it does provide this clear instruction…”

Women Preaching? Are women, “permitted to preach in the weekly gathering of a local church as an extension of the male elders of the church or as an expression under their governing authority?” Recently, John Piper said, “No.” In response to Piper, “Andrew Wilson said, “Yes.” In light of both Piper’s and Wilson’s answers, New Testament scholar Tom Schreiner weighed in. I highly recommend listening to/reading each of the responses so you can see three gifted and intelligent men have a cordial discussion about an important topic.

You Had One Job. A list of hilarious failures of people who had just one job to do.

The Preacher’s Game Changer. Luke 24 changes everything for the preacher. Here’s why…

Slide. Sometimes I feel like this kid for better or worse.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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