There’s No One (Not a One) Like Jesus

facesofjesusThere have been many religious leaders, but absolutely none of them are like Jesus. Jesus stands before us as one on a list of one.

John Stott gives us one reason of why.

Here, then, are the three main relationships that Jesus claimed.

  1. In relation to the Old Testament Scriptures, he was their fulfilment.
  2. In relation to God the Father, he enjoyed the unique intimacy of sonship.
  3. In relation to human beings, he claimed authority to be their saviour and their judge.

Three words encapsulate his claims – fulfilment, intimacy and authority. He claimed to be the Christ of Scripture, the Son of God and the saviour and judge of the world…

This is the paradox of Jesus. His claims sound like the ravings of a lunatic, but he shows no sign of being a fanatic, a neurotic or, still less, a psychotic. On the contrary, he comes before us in the pages of the Gospels as the most balanced and integrated of human beings.

Consider in particular his humility. His claims for himself are very disturbing, because they are so self-centred; yet in his behaviour he was clothed with humility. His claims sound proud, but he was humble. I see this paradox at its sharpest when he was with his disciples in the upper room before he died. He said he was their lord, their teacher and their judge, but he took a towel, got on his hands and knees, and washed their feet like a common slave. Is this not unique in the history of the world? There have been lots of arrogant people, but they have all behaved like it. There have also been humble people, but they have not made great claims for themselves. It is the combination of egocentricity and humility that is so startling – the egocentricity of his teaching and the humility of his behaviour.

Why am I a Christian? Intellectually speaking, it is because of the paradox of Jesus Christ. It is because he who claimed to be his disciples’ Lord humbled himself to be their servant. (Taken from, Why I Am a Christian, Kindle Locations 431-440)

There’s just no one like Jesus.

About Dana Dill

I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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