Why I Blog (Or, Why I Am Telling Myself to Keep Blogging)

essential-tools-that-every-freelance-writer-should-useLife is busy and seems to only get busier. I don’t think I could write a sentence less controversial than that. All of us know it.

All of us are busy. At any given moment we have responsibilities to tend to, jobs to fulfill, homework to complete, tests to study for, families to provide for, spouses to love, kids to play with, friends to connect with, and the list goes on and on.

I am no exception. As of now, God has blessed me with the privileges and responsibilities of being a husband to Chawna, a Daddy to Daisy and Penny, a Youth Pastor to the leaders and students at South Shores, a friend to many, a next-door-neighbor to a few, a theology teacher to the Juniors at Capistrano Valley Christian School, an occasional writer for Homefront Magazine and other ministry outlets, and an intermittent workshop speaker/practitioner for David C. Cook’s TruIdentity curriculum. To press it further, each of those responsibilities has ten-thousand tasks and duties attached to them. I have a plate and it is full. My cupeth overfloweth.

But, this is no blog post of lament. I praise God for my full days. I believe the work He has assigned to me is temporally helpful, eternally important, and pleasing to Him.

So, Why Blog?

Amidst these responsibilities, some of you may be asking the question I have been asking, “Why keep blogging?” With all that’s going on, should the typing continue?

My answer, at least for now, is no. I don’t want to stop blogging because I think it is a worthwhile pursuit. So, to help steel myself for continued blogging, here are some reasons why I don’t want it to fade away in the business of life.

15 Reasons for Why I Must Continue Blogging

1) Blogging Provides Excellent Ministry Resources. I don’t know how many times I have shared a specific blog post of mine with someone to help them with a question, educate them, encourage them, or challenge them. It is so much easier to text a link to a brother or sister answering their specific need than it is to lend them a book or print out something buried in a computer file. The blog is an ongoing resource cache to pull from at any given moment no matter where I am.

2) Blogging Keeps My Thinking Sharp. There is nothing more helpful to learning and remembering something than to write it down. Blogging sharpens my thinking and reinforces my memory with important truths.

3) Blogging Keeps My Communicating Sharp. Articulating truths clearly and concisely isn’t easy. Blogging forces me to constantly practice good communication which is essential to all I do as a Pastor and Teacher.

4) Blogging Encourages Believers. One of the greatest joys of blogging is hearing from others how it has encouraged their faith and spurred them on to love and good works (see Hebrews 10:24). This is the primary goal of my blog. It’s worthwhile ministry to keep up.

5) Blogging Educates Believers. Not everyone has been blessed with formal education in theology like I have. Therefore, I want to use the education gift God has given me and share it with as many who want it. I don’t want to abuse others with my knowledge, but serve them.

6) Blogging Challenges Believers. Believers need their wrong thinking, attitudes, traditions, and practices challenged so they can taste the juicy fruit of repentance. God has used this blog in that way and I hope He will continue to do so.

7) Blogging Engages Non-Believers. Blogging is a simple, but (I think) helpful medium to engage the world with the good news of Jesus and its implications in all of life. It adds one more heralding voice into a world that needs as many as it can get.

8) My Blog Never Takes Vacations or Goes to Sleep. When I am sleeping or vacationing, my blog is still hard at work. Since my last blog (written a month and a half ago), my blog has been visited over 300 times. That’s nothing in the blogging world and many of those could have been repeat visitors, but that doesn’t matter. The point it, my blog continues to minister 24/7. It doesn’t take breaks even though I do.

9) Blogging Reaches People That My Lips Cannot. People from countries I will never visit have visited my blog. Amazing.

10) My Blogs Will Outlive Me. I don’t think it will last too long after me (someone has to pay for the domain and I don’t think anyone will do that), but it still will speak on earth when I am busy singing in heaven.

11) Blogging Connects Me With Other People. I’ve made good connections with others through them reading the blog.

12) Blogging is a Good Filing System for Sermon Preparation. I’ve tried many different methods of filing sermon ideas or illustrations, but none have been so easy and helpful as a good search through my blog.

13) Blogging is a Good Outlet to Share Unpreached Material. There is a lot of really good material in sermon preparation that doesn’t make it to the pulpit. Otherwise, the sermon would be multiple hours and no one wants that! However, all that unused material can be shared on the blog instead of just sitting silently on a Word Document in my computer.

14) Blogging Will Bless My Kids. I would have loved to see what my dad thought before I was born and throughout my childhood. For better or worse, my kids will have this gift from their daddy.

15) Blogging Provides Accountability. I write what I truly believe and am convicted by, but I know my life doesn’t always match my confession. Putting something out in public view increases the accountability I will have to walk my talk.

So, for these reasons (and others I couldn’t think of right now), I want to keep blogging. I won’t be able to post every day. There will some periods where the blog sits quietly. But, I won’t quit. There’s too much good that comes from blogging; good for me, for others, and for God’s glory. Therefore, here I type.

About Dana Dill

I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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3 Responses to Why I Blog (Or, Why I Am Telling Myself to Keep Blogging)

  1. Bobby Blakey says:

    Keep blogging brother! Praying God will use you!

  2. Yes, for posterity, what we write will remain in the web forever until Christ returns. I’ll also like to say that your blogs can also be for after sermon referrals if is written clearly in accessible language. If the blog site is properly optimized, it will end up in many search results. God speed to you sir.

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