The Saturday Post(s)

Saturday PostAshley Madison & Who You Are Online. “One of the great deceptions of the Internet is that it allows us to think there are two parts to us, the part who exists in real time and space, and the part who exists in cyberspace. But events like this ought to make us realize that when you go online you display and expose who and what you really are. And who you really are will eventually find you out. God will not be mocked.”

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. “(1) They don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves. (2) They don’t allow everyone else to set their boundaries and expectations. (3) They don’t shy away from change. (4) They don’t focus on things they can’t control….”

10 Descriptors of Bad Teachers & Leaders. “Several times in my teaching career, I’ve asked graduate students to give me descriptions of the worst teachers they’ve had. During those same years, I’ve watched leaders, discussed leadership, and read leadership books to learn characteristics of good and bad leaders. Perhaps not surprisingly, I’ve seen that some of the characteristics of bad teachers and bad leaders are the same…”

27 Reasons Why Every Christians Should Rejoice Always. “There is no way we can begin to number the blessings God has heaped upon those who believe in his Son, but here are a few spiritual blessings we should regularly recall, thank God for and rejoice in…”

5 Truths Dads Need to Hear. “It’s hard to find things to hold to as a parent because kids have a way of proving us wrong every time we get confident or comfortable. I am a young dad, two daughters in elementary school. Most of my fathering is ahead of me, but I’ve learned a few things about being a dad. These 5 truths are ones I think dads can bank on no matter the circumstance or age level.”

Ten Things to Remember as the Presidential Campaign Season Gets Into Full Swing. “I’m not telling you whom to vote for. I’m not predicting who will win their party’s nomination. I’m not giving you a primer on which issues to consider as you vote in a caucus or primary (several months from now) or as you vote (over a year from now) in the presidential election. Before you think through any of that, keep these ten things in mind.”

3 Things to Remember When You Critique Someone’s Theology. “Critique — done well — is a gift to the one being criticized…Critique done poorly—whether through overstatement, misunderstanding, caricature—is a losing proposition for all.”

Mastering the Giant Comma. Some help with those who don’t know what the heck to do with a semi-colon; thas is, those like me.

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I'm a Christian, husband, daddy, pastor, professor, and hope to be a friend to pilgrims on their way home.
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